Traffic generation is a task every business must perform but do you also see it as an opportunity to create additional income at the same time?

There are many ways to promote your business to try to attract new leads and customers. Textual ad exchanges are one of the newest ways to generate website traffic.

Marketing Extreme, Law of Attraction Ads and Heavy Traffic are just three examples of this type of exchange. The really neat thing about these exchanges is upgraded members have the ability to create additional income with minimal effort if they choose.

These and many other text ad exchanges also offer other forms of advertising you can purchase with cash or credits you receive for reading text or solo advertisements.

There is nothing better than sending a well crafted solo advertisement to a few hundred to a few thousand people to try to entice them to visit your website or to join YOUR mailing list.

Law of Attraction Ads is more of a traditional text ad exchange but you do have the ability to use your points to buy solo advertisements and other types of advertising.

Marketing Extreme and Heavy Traffic are both great for upgraded members for some of the same reasons and some different ones too. In addition to text ads, you can buy banner advertising using your credits. Each solo ad you read is worth 300 points which makes it easier to quickly earn enough credits to exchange them for the type of advertising that suits your needs best.

You may receive random referrals from Marketing Extreme as part of your upgraded membership and this exchange also allows the posting of HTML ads. There are footer ads, scroller ads and other ways to get your message noticed.

Heavy Traffic doesn’t have as many advertising options as Marketing Extreme but upgraded members are gifted a position in a 3X5 ‘Cash Rush’ matrix that will provide you with $243 one that position has a full structure. This is a gift that builds from membership upgrades and advertising purchases so you can concentrate on your business. This gift may just show up in your account as a pleasant surprise. I think that’s a pretty good incentive to test this advertising resource as an upgraded member.

Testing is the only way to know which ads and advertising platforms work the best for you and your business. Marketing Extreme, Law of Attraction Ads and Heavy Traffic are free or inexpensive but I chose to take advantage of the upgraded memberships because the one time offer was in my budget and more importantly the upgrades extended my advertising reach. You need to decide if you can afford to trade your time for the same advertising capabilities you’d have for a minimal expense.

Traffic Generation and Opportunity

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