Forum marketing is often overlooked as a traffic generation technique because it is time consuming when done the wrong way.

If you manage your time wisely and use a forum the right way, you can increase your brand, targeted traffic and links to your website.

Your Brand

By using both your real name and your website’s name in your signature, you are showing your expertise in your niche and your willingness to help people in the Forum. Do this the right way and word of mouth advertising will help you grow your business. If you are using the Forum the wrong way, you can quickly ruin your reputation and business because of the poor reputation you created.

Targeted Traffic

Every business owner wants highly targeted visitors that are interested in what they are offering. You can get these visitors from Forums by choosing the right Forum, posting information that adds value to the community and by having a good signature file.

Links to Your Website

Only participate in Forums that allow signatures and do NOT try to sell from your sig. The goal of your signature is the same as it is in a resource box at the end of an article. You want the person to get interested enough to click your link. A raw link that isn’t active will NOT help you.

You want your link hidden under words that motivate the reader to click AND these words should give the search engines a clue as to how to categorize the destination page.

Using phrases like ‘click here’ or ‘free report’ are meaningless to the search engines and do you really want your site indexed under either phrase?

Grab my Forum Traffic Secrets report for a measly $19.95 to learn how powerful Forum marketing can be. That sentence tells you exactly what to expect and the hyperlink tells both the reader and the search engines the topic of the destination page.

The search engines can take those 3 words and mix them up to match multiple search phrases that might be typed in.

Your Forum signature lasts as long as the Forum exists or until the admin removes the ability to use signatures because of abuse by some participants. Forums can have heavy traffic and they can get a high PageRank in the search engines.

I have 2 year old Forum posts that are still sending my site traffic almost every month and the Forum is not in my primary niche. Use Forums wisely and you’ll reap the rewards for years.

Forum Marketing For Targeted Website Traffic

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