Every year for five years running an educational event takes place that anyone that wants to make money online should participate in. This event is The Thirty Day Challenge.

The training is promotion free and it is kept as close to free as possible most of the time.

The goal is to help you make your first dollar online.

Every year the training is updated so participants are taught techniques and processes that are working now.

The number of people that take advantage of this first class training has grown significantly each year. 50,000 plus participated last year so this is huge for any marketing training event.

Many experienced marketers pay attention to this training because of its quality and the fact that more than half the participants last year got their targeted keyword phrase on the first page of Google during the challenge.

ANY training that gets over half the class on page one of Google while teaching both experienced and brand new marketers that have limited time and limited computer skills must be pretty good.

When you take that kind of quality and add a superior support staff and a LOT of people participating in a pitch free environment, you have an extremely powerful presence.

The fact that this is FREE training just increases the awesomeness.

I’ve participated in this training the last 2 years and I’ve added to my skill set each time. The Thirty Day Challenge staff has brought in more guest teachers this year and the preseason training gave me a hint that this year will be another huge success with training that anyone interested in making money online should pay attention to.

Put your wallet away and come join us for some free training at The Thirty Day Challenge.

The 30 Day Challenge 2009 Is Here

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