You might have noticed that I’m writing frequently about list building programs and other advertising methods like My List Frog.

Without a list of your own it is MUCH harder.

Once you have a list, you need to nurture it and EARN the trust of the people before you recommend anything to them. (I’m still working on building trust from the people on my lists and I’ll always try to provide value in my tips, posts and recommendations.)

I think you and every other marketer online should include My List Frog (MLF) and similar programs in your marketing arsenal. Some of the reasons I think MLF is so vital are:

  • Free members get to mail to 400 random members every 9 days. This means you have an instant group of people you can try to get on your personal mailing list even if you are starting from scratch.
  • You can leap over those than joined before you to increase the number of people you can mail to.
  • A downline builder system that lets you enter up to 5 of your programs so your MLF referrals can see them and join.
  • The ability to email your downline once a week. This is a great way to send tips, tricks and hints that’ll help build a relationship and trust.
  • A viral text ad cloaker that you can use to hide the affiliate links for anything you are promoting and earn text advertising credits while advertising. (I’m passively promoting programs using this system and my ads are receiving clicks. My sponsor has made a number of sales from this system)
  • And more!

The ability to advertise in multiple ways within one program is awesome AND having an income opportunity added is just a bonus when testing shows the advertising is getting responses.

You know your goals, abilities, desires and preferred marketing methods but doesn’t it make sense to look at My List Frog to see if the free option or one of the upgraded membership levels best fits your needs

Why Use List Builders?

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