Textual advertising is currently one of my most productive mediums right now next to email marketing and text ad exchanges make it easy.

I’ve written a number of posts recently highlighting different text ad exchanges and programs that are similar in nature and I don’t see the explosion of this type of system dying off in the near future.

Some of the reasons these are so popular are:

  • They are easy for novices to use.
  • They are responsive for advertisers.
  • There are multiple ways to advertise.
  • Many are starting to build in downline builders.
  • Some let you mail your downline. (This is a great way to give marketing tips so you can establish a relationship based on trust.)
  • Many have built in income generating components for those that choose to promote the program so they have a larger audience to promote to.

Think about this for a minute. It’s MUCH easier to promote a free program where your prospect can advertise their current business than it is to try to drag them into yours.

If you teach these people learn how to effectively market, they are more likely to remember you and want to join you in YOUR program when theirs fails and many do vanish very quickly.

BuzzBee Advertising

Marketing Extreme

Law of Attraction Ads

Squeeze Your Ads

Heavy Traffic

The sites listed above are just a few of the many text ad exchanges that are generating, leads, sales and website traffic for many. If you are willing and able to spend $6 on your business, I highly recommend you check out Steps2Infinity for the textual advertising, solo ads or banner advertising you get at many different text ad exchanges.
Textual Advertising is Hot

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