Every time you decide you are going to add a new product, income stream or even a new advertising method you are taking a calculated risk.

The product may be sound and in demand elsewhere but until you test it yourself in your market you have no idea if your customers will accept it.

Every new ad or advertising method is a risk because it is untested.

I mention the above because I was introduced to a new income opportunity this week that, if successful, will fit in very nicely with my affiliate marketing. The owners aren’t revealing who they are or their background prior to launch which scares some people away.

Most of the time, it’s a good idea to do your due diligence on a company to minimize your risks. In this instance, I consciously chose to take a calculated risk and spend $52.95 one time to grab a Founder position in the company because of the benefits:


Unlimited everything related to hosting with NO monthly fee.

Banner Advertising

10,000 banner advertising points

Email Advertising

10,000 email advertising points

Affiliate Marketing Sites

Founder Member Product Kit Addition – This is a collection of over 50 prebuilt fully search engine optimized affiliate sites that will be set up and ready for business for Founders. Google Adsense, Clickbank and Commission Junction are a few of the ways these sites are monetized.

Affiliate marketing is one area even novices can make money in if they have a professional looking website that is properly monetized.

I don’t see this as a safer placement of my money and time than starting a new pay-per-click advertising campaign with an unproven landing page and ad copy. Every action in life has a certain level of risk and reward. You need to decide whether the potential rewards in anything are worth the risk.

Many of the people that have joined this opportunity haven’t paid for their upgrades yet and I’ve received an email stating these members will soon be flushed from the system. If you have Alertpay or a credit card, you can visit Hostcation and decide whether you want to grab one of the 500 paid Founders positions while they still exist.

Why You Should Take Calculated Risks For Your Business

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