Your personality may be a good fit for one business model over another. If you choose the wrong one for your personality, you are destined to fail.

When beginners approach me about making money online, I try to find out what they are seeking and the type of person they are first. Home Wealth University teaches success in different disciplines so it’s suitable for almost everyone as a learning resource and fast movers can potentially build up a nice residual income since it just went live yesterday.

This one resource has Mike Glaspie teaching network marketing, Mike Enos teaching you how to profit with eBay, Jerry Clark helps you put yourself in the right mindset and Rachel Long helps you learn traffic generation. The list of instructors and topics covered is constantly evolving.

Home Wealth University has its official launch October 1, 2009 but over 4,000 have taken the free tour to check it out. Many like me have decided to lock in our positions by becoming paying members.

If you choose to take the tour, I recommend you listen to the audio that’s on the left under the call schedule after you log in.

You’ll hear that there are many different paths that can be taken to make money from home in addition to Home Wealth University being an income opportunity itself.

Email Marketing

Some people prefer email marketing to lists that they build themselves because they are able to write messages that both establish trust and motivate people. If you are good at writing messages that are informative, build trust and motivate people to take action, email marketing can be extremely profitable. A good email marketer can tell you how much they average from each member on each of their lists and that amount is usually $1 per month per subscriber or more and it doesn’t matter much if they own the product or are an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model many attempt and don’t do very well in because they don’t know how to choose the right products to promote or how to drive traffic to the offers.

You need to know which business model fits your style and learn the ins and outs of getting the most out of that model. I believe Home Wealth University will give you a world class education in just about any business model that’s ethical and profitable.
What Business Model Fits You?

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