There are many paths you can follow to reach your financial goals so you can consider yourself a business success. I’m covering just one here.

This path involves a Mentor.

The Mentor does many things to help a group succeed and some of these are:

  • He or she is often a leader in the industry that is invited into business opportunities at or near the top.
  • He or she chooses the business the group will use as the vehicle that’ll drive the team to success.
  • He or she has an exact blueprint everyone on the team is taught to follow.
  • He or she provides the splash pages, ads, banners and other promotional materials the team will use.

  • He or she tracks results of the conversions and adjusts the promotional materials as needed to improve the results. A good Mentor does this with redirects so no advertising by the team is wasted.
  • He or she uses Skype, a chat room or some other way to create a place the team can meet for updates, support and to share their successes.
  • He or she controls the chatter in the meeting place to ensure the focus stays positive and on the chosen vehicle.
  • He or she often requires each team member to commit a certain amount to advertising each month. This may be in the form of buying into an advertising/business opportunity that allows you to email the entire membership every so often. A good Mentor is near the top of programs like these and uses them for the access to proven buyers they can mail to rather than promoting the business for another income stream. It’s always better to promote to proven buyers and early entrants into these types of programs are usually prime candidates because they often make money fairly fast.
  • A good Mentor will help you develop the mindset you need to reach your goals.
  • A good Mentor’s plan is written well enough you can easily learn the system and teach others to duplicate it.
  • If a good Mentor sees the blueprint is taking too long to get everyone’s monthly fees covered as quickly as possible, they will buy traffic to the team page to increase the flow of leads until team momentum picks up.

There aren’t too many industry leaders that are willing to set aside their greed enough to help others succeed in business. If you have an operating budget, can find the right Mentor and are willing to set aside your greed for your benefit and the benefit of others, this path to business success works very well.

P.S. I’m participating in a group right now that is being lead by a Mentor using the above model to drive our team to business success. If you are interested in finding out more or possibly joining us, please contact itsaboutcash using Skype or the Contact page on this site to email me and I’ll give you the link to our group page.

One Path to Business Success
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