Everyone that achieves major success usually has a team. This can be a Mentor, JV partners, affiliates, employees or a combination of these.

Each team needs a leader and a blueprint breaking the success steps into actions that can be duplicated with minimal instruction or experience.

If you have a system that works and you can train even the greenest of the green to use it to recreate your success, you can create a group of leaders in ANY business.

Every business has a beginning, a middle and an end so it’s important to have a system that you can plug almost any business into.

Unfortunately, too many good and successful marketers are unable or unwilling to teach others their systems.

Those that can and do teach their systems develop a team of leaders that often turn into friends.

People are more likely to buy from someone they know, like and trust.

The leader with the easy to duplicate system is building a group of people that are more likely to buy into any business that’s recommended because they’ve experienced success with this person before.

Imagine taking a system that you know works and using it to build a group of people that can duplicate your successes with most of the current group of popular programs being promoted.

As your successes grow and your group of leaders grows with you, program owners WILL notice you and invite you to join their NEXT business venture BEFORE the public is made aware of its existence.

True leaders can join something and share it with their group and 25, 50 or more immediately join out of trust and others may join later.

The ones that act immediately on trust are the ones most likely to make the most money at launch. They realize not all businesses are successes and they are willing to accept that as a part of doing business.

Finding a Mentor that’s willing and able to teach you their system can be quite expensive IF you know where to look and who to trust.

There is ONE Mentor that I know is sharing a proven system and she’s not charging a penny above the cost to enter the business she has chosen and a reasonable advertising budget.

P.S. The Mentor I’m working with has been making 6 figures a year since 1997 and she is sharing the success blueprint she uses every day with her team.

Success Usually Requires Teamwork
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