Not everyone has what it takes to run a home based business but if you do this article will give you a clear path to success.

Are You a Self Motivator?

If you cannot find the desire or motivation to get up and treat your home based business like a daily job, you may be more suited to an environment where you trade a predetermined amount of time for a regular paycheck. Self employed people often have to work very hard at their business for weeks or months before they start to see any financial rewards they feel good about.

Unless you can commit to seriously working your business at least 2 hours each day, stick with a job. (Working your business means promoting. Answering email, chatting, talking on the phone and other ‘busy’ work activities do NOT count because they do nothing to help generate leads and sales.)

Find a Good Mentor

You will need a Mentor to guide you in your chosen business to achieve the success you desire. There are many different business models you can use to make money online. Finding a Mentor that fits your needs who is using your preferred business model may take some effort and a budget you don’t have when you are just starting your business.

Follow only one Mentor at a time.

Each Mentor has their own way of completing tasks and approaching their businesses. If you try to follow more than one, you will get conflicting advice and methodologies that will confuse you, financially break you or make you give up on your dream because you are NOT going to progress the way you had hoped.

Learn a system from your Mentor that lets you plug in different businesses.

Businesses come and go but good systems can be adapted to plug in almost any legitimate business  the right business model coupled with the right system will allow you to run multiple income streams at the same time.

You need a team.

This team helps you keep the right mindset, stay focused or helps do work you may not have the time, skills or desire to do yourself. Some of your team may be contract labor, out sourced labor, a loose association with competitors or a mixture of any or all of these.


A good Mentor will help you:

  • Develop the right mindset.
  • Find the right system.
  • Find the right businesses for your system.
  • Realize you must give each business you enter into at least a 90 day time and financial commitment before you pull the plug on it.
  • Find a team of like minded individuals.
  • Find joy in working for yourself but not by yourself

You WILL become a home based business success story once you have all of the above in place and then spend a minimum of 2 hours per day actively promoting your business.

How To Be a Home Based Business Success

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