Every success seeker I’ve ever met that has built profitable businesses has sought out one leader to follow, has followed that leader into recommended programs and uses tools that are recommended by the leader.

These people finally got tired of jumping from one opportunity to another and having to start from scratch with little or no support AGAIN. They repeatedly discovered that there usually isn’t that much difference in support, training and compensation in quality programs.

They are consistently told:

  • the money is in the list.
  • that they need a list to succeed.
  • that they need to stick with a program at least 90 days to succeed.
  • that they need a system to follow each and every day.
  • that the need and advertising budget.
  • that they need a team to work with to be successful.
  • that they need the right tools.
  • that they must consistently advertise.

Even though most of the people looking to become a success online know they need all of the above there is a void when they try to ask the questions they need answered to gain the tools and skills necessary to answer ALL of their questions.

Top marketers have a different way of looking at programs like Your Prosperity 2×2. Most people look at that and see the opportunity. The top marketers look at that program and see an expanding list of buyers they get to mail to every 7 days for a one time fee of $20.00.

If you are ready to have YOUR questions answered and have a burning desire to succeed, I want to introduce you to my team. We are creating success stories every day and we’ll help anyone that’s willing and ready to make the commitment needed to achieve their dreams.

A Brighter Future awaits those willing to work for it. Act NOW to become part of the My Residual Team.

Do NOT join if you aren’t ready to financially commit to one program for 90 days because you are still dreaming of success instead of being ready to achieve it.

Are You a Success Seeker or a Dreamer?

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