Advertising is how most businesses show off their businesses but a few business owners get creative and find other ways to draw attention their businesses need.

Showing off in school was a popular pastime for some but the attention it drew served no useful purpose. A business show off uses every tool at their disposal to get the attention their business needs and deserves. Some of the tools these are:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Blogs
  • Wall Posts
  • Direct Messages

These tools are used to do a number of things. Some of these are:

  • To show off their business. (Think branding.)
  • To show off their knowledge.
  • To show off their skills
  • To show off their lifestyle.
  • To show off their success.

The Internet is a place many use to have fun and others to make money.

These activities have be combined by a few so the Internet becomes their playground that pays them while they work.

As they share their knowledge, skills, successes and lifestyle, they are helping others dream then turn those dreams into realities.

I’m working with a group called My Residual Team and I’m learning from a million dollar Mentor and other success coaches.

This association has made me a better marketer and it has opened up opportunities that weren’t available when I was trying to market by myself.

The My Residual Team founder and leader is an industry insider that is given the chance to join MANY business opportunities BEFORE their existence online is known by the public. As an MRT member, I sometimes get invited in as a leader along with the rest of the team. The cost of being mentored by this leader is the cost of entry into one of the programs in the portfolio she recommends.

Most of the businesses in her portfolio either teach you how to market or provide a platform the lets you become an Internet show off.

To your success,
Jerry McCoy
My Residual Team Marketing Consultant

P.S. You can contact me on Skype to find out more about MRT. My ID is itsaboutcash

Show Off Your Business For Success
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