Prior to the Internet, people used a variety of venues to socialize and network but today’s meeting places are the various social network sites.

Some ways people socialized in the past and even today are:

  • Barn dances
  • Church socials
  • Trade associations
  • Business seminars
  • And more!

There are different kinds of networks that were often kept separate from each other but that is changing to a degree because of all the information available through the Internet. Personal networks, social networks and business networks can easily overlap in cyber space.

All of these networks are more valuable than ever with the economy struggling and people looking for job or new careers.

If you are out of job or soon to be unemployed, the first stop is to usually tell everyone you know that you are looking. Your friends, family, co-workers, church members, school friends and anyone else you can think of is used to spread the word for you and to be your eyes for new opportunities.

Countless jobs and opportunities are found by offline networks like this.

Facebook and Twitter are two social networking services online that have combined both social and business uses but the one thing that frustrates many business people is that the services and features aren’t as reliable as you’d like them to be because of their free service has allowed their popularity to grow faster than they can place infrastructure.

(Tip: Search engines LOVE social networks.)

Many marketers dream of a social network that is populated ONLY by proven buyers. The video below covers WHY it’s important to you as a marketer.

Did you notice the values mentioned in the video are the same ones we use in offline business and social networks?

I think social networks are hot because they allow us to show off ourselves, our businesses and give us a chance to connect with people to share our values. The Internet is huge and impersonal and social networks give you the perfect platform to make it a place where you can start building trust and relationships.

Social networks are similar to a team in that the contacts you make allow you to extend your reach and abilities far beyond what you can accomplish on your own.

The video below talks about a group called MyResidualTeam and a social network called Internet Showoff. Combining the MRT coaching and the Internet Showoff social network gives you a competitive advantage over your competition.


Did you notice the Twitter stats at the bottom of the page? I think those show that the MRT leaders understand the power of social media. Are you ready to become a business and Internet showoff? Visit MyResidualTeam to find out more.

Why Social Networking Is THE Hottest Ticket in Town

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