People often wonder about things that happen in their lives that they label coincidences.

I read a book about a year ago titled ’The Science of Getting Rich’. This book was written in 1910 but the concepts have withstood the test of time and been proven by quantum physics which didn’t exist back then.

If I understand what the author was saying then and others since then, how we live, think, act and feel helps mold who we are and the abundance in our lives.

As I stated in a couple of earlier articles, our mindset is vital for shaping our future. How we act towards people, think and what we feel each day is influenced by what we really desire and our commitment to achieve that goal.

Every thought or action releases positive ore negative energy into the energy in us and throughout the universe. These energy vibrations release a chain of events that will either help you in your quest or hinder your progress because of the negative energy you released.

I know these concepts are hard to swallow for many but think about your life and the people you come into contact with during a single day. Do you avoid those that are angry, whiners and unpleasant to be around? Do you seek out and enjoy the company of those that help you move closer to your goal, are fun to be with or make you feel good?

The law of attraction helps us naturally choose those that help us.

We don’t consciously know it but the energy (aka vibes) we project may bring opportunities to us when we least suspect them.

Example: I’ve been researching online dating services recently for a friend that’s starting a new business and to find a new friend or three for myself. A woman that didn’t exactly match what I’m looking for sent me a smile.

I could have ignored her and continued my day but she did a good job of creating her profile and I like the photograph she posted so I returned her smile which started an exchange of emails.

She seems like a very intelligent and motivated lady that may become a good long distance friend. She is running her own online business and needed to do some revamping of that business but wasn’t sure what questions to ask or where to look for what she needed. Partly because she’s new and partly because her market is mostly in the US and she is overseas.

This site, hopefully, answered some of her questions and brought up some she wasn’t even aware she needed to ask.

Many people would label this as a coincidence but I feel the law of attraction nudged me into responding the first time and her responding.

Our mutual desires to meet new friends led us to each other. Our courteous and professional communications allowed us to learn we are both driven to succeed in our respective businesses.

I firmly believe the positive energies we each emit created the opportunity for us to meet. We each had to decide whether we were going to act on that opportunity or let it pass.

Every one of us faces multiple opportunities every week and it is up to us to decide which, if any, we will act upon. Our decisions, while consciously made, are subtly and indirectly influenced by the universal law of attraction.

We are energy based beings with positive and negative energy in every cell of our bodies. Why is it so hard to accept that the energy within us and within everything else in the universe interacts at the atomic level through the vibrations we emit?

Nature works to create balance and harmony.

I think and believe we are meant to live a life of abundance but our upbringing and belief systems prevent most of us from accepting the unlimited potential we possess in our personal and professional lives.

You decide whether you still believe in coincidences or whether the Law of Attraction makes more sense.

Coincidence or the Law of Attraction?
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