Many people fail at matrix programs and network marketing in general for a variety of reasons and my favorite reason is below.

Lack of Support

How many times have you joined any kind of business program where you had an upline and no support from them?

Have you ever had your sponsor contact you but not be able to offer the support you needed?

Lack of quality support from your upline means you are basically on your own. If you are lucky enough to join under a sponsor that communicates well AND is a good marketer, are they willing to take the time to teach you what you need to know?

I’m willing to bet that the good marketer either didn’t know how to teach what they did to be successful or the way they successfully market doesn’t fit your style.

Here is an image that represents what happens to many network marketers that are forced to try to succeed on their own.

no marketing team

As the image illustrates, the lack of teamwork, the right support and a proven leader means most network marketers are doomed to failure. It’s almost like trying to fill a bucket that has holes punched in the bottom.

There IS a solution that will help you reach your goal of having one or more residual income streams. That solution is teamwork.

My Residual Team

My Residual Team is a group of like minded individuals that are working as a team to achieve success in one or more quality programs recommended by an industry insider that has been earning 6 figures a year online since 1997.

This leader runs multiple membership sites in addition to the affiliate and network marketing programs she participates in while taking time each day to work with the team. She gives team members lessons, support and guidance in a Skype chat each day.

If team members have questions appointed team leaders cannot answer, the coach willingly steps in to answer the question or concern.

Your skill level isn’t important but your burning desire to succeed is.

The only cost to be part of My Residual Team is the cost of being a paid member of one of the programs supported by the team. You can see these programs and see what some team members think by visiting the My Residual Team website.

Why I Think Most People Fail in Matrix Programs

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