Network marketers need a steady supply of fresh leads to succeed and most have trouble generating free leads and lack the budget or desire to buy them.

My Residual Team has solved the lead generation problem in a big way. Our Mentor suggested we try a new strategy where our core team promotes for a single team member each day.

Each team member has unique skills and marketing places and habits. By focusing the talents of more than twenty people on a single affiliate link each day, we are dramatically increasing our reach and results.

Most of our members are using Text Ad Exchanges, Traffic Exchanges, List Builders and Safelists to promote each day.

This focused effort is generating 30 – 50 free tour takers in our chosen business each day. The leads received by each member are followed up with by that member and they will become the personal signups of that member.

Each team member is going to be receiving the focus from our entire group on a rotating basis.

Every day, team members report how many leads they received from their day in the spotlight. I’m seeing the team’s excitement and dedication grow each day as the previous days results are shared.

Many team members are relatively limited in their marketing skill set so seeing and experiencing wins like this is vital.

If you aren’t experiencing successes like these by yourself, I suggest you think about becoming a member of My Residual Team. You can start by taking a free tour at Sales Xplosion where the team member of the day will start communicating with you. The cost of receiving mentoring from the My Residual Team leader is the cost of being an upgraded member in one of our supported programs.

30 to 50 Free Signups a Day Is Possible
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