Social media sites like Twitter have always been good for targeted traffic and personal networking but few saw their value in the search engines, until now.

Google is now indexing tweets in almost real time.

I’ve been branding itsaboutcash since 2002 and use it in my nickname at Twitter, Forums, Social bookmark sites and more. On a recent search at Google, I noticed a tweet was indexed higher than my domain name.

I’d read that Google had signed an agreement with Twitter to do real time indexing but didn’t think they’d get ranked that high that fast.

I did a test today to see how fast a tweet was indexed. I made a reply to a tweet and it showed up in the number one spot on Google in 10 minutes.

Why this is important.

People are constantly searching Google AND their favorite social media sites for information that interests them. If your tweets contain the search phrase they used, the links in YOUR tweets might get clicked.

Twitter isn’t the only social media provider that is frequently showing up on page one at Google.

RSS Aggregator Feeds such as Feedage show up on page one. Profiles from sites such as Delicious, Digg, Propeller and other social bookmark sites do well in the results. Your videos and profile from YouTube and other video sites get indexed and positioned highly.

The Conclusion

Every marketer is branding either their name or an entity. You need to be consistent in usernames across all media you use to promote that business or entity. This consistency will help you brand yourself or the entity faster.

Since Google is quickly indexing social media and social media sites themselves are a source of targeted traffic, choosing your targeted keyword phrases and engaging your community in real conversations are more important than ever.

Many marketers believe that Twitter and social bookmarking sites are valuable only for the backlinks they provide from each site. The more enlightened marketer understands that each site has its own community of users that are worth interacting with and the REALLY savvy marketer knows the search engines are paying attention to and indexing social media profiles if not the individual pages themselves.

Even if you aren’t aware of it, social media and the search engines are both important to your traffic flow and business.

Social Media Is More Important Than Ever
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