Banner advertising still works when done correctly and it should be included as a part of your advertising portfolio since it is a passive traffic generator.

Banner Advertising Has Changed

When banners were first introduced, their mini billboard look and feel was new enough people frequently clicked on the message to visit the advertised site. As the number of banners increased and consumers became more used to them, the effectiveness of a banner advertising campaign dropped significantly.

Like every other form of advertising, your banner ads MUST be tested, tweaked and retested.

My tests have shown that banners that look like text on the page convert better for me than the billboard type ad with graphics or flashing media.

Look at your product or service to see if you have a free course, free trial or a low cost item with a high perceived value that you can use to attract visitors to your website and onto your mailing list. By using banner advertising in this way, you will be passively attracting leads that you can build a relationship with to turn them into a long term customer.

Click Thru Rates (CTR) Have Plunged

A few years ago you were able to achieve a CTR of 5% – 10% if you were good. Many marketers today see a CTR of .2% – 1% but the prices for banner impressions have fallen dramatically too.

The technology has improved too. You can do a LOT of targeting with some services. Other services might not allow targeting but they may be serving a specific niche where geo-targeting isn’t that important.

Example: Make Your First Buck offers unlimited banner impressions for $5 a month and that includes downloadable products and more advertising. Targeting isn’t offered or necessary because the target audience is opportunity seekers.

I find sites like this VERY attractive because the income opportunity attached give me the ability to promote the service until I reach break even or make a profit. Every time I get a self funding advertising service like this in my portfolio, I’m stretching my advertising budget.

Does your advertising portfolio contain Make Your First Buck or a similar self funding program and if it doesn’t, WHY?

Does Banner Advertising Work?

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