Have you ever contacted a prospect and the first question they asked you was: “How much money have you made?” there is a way you can answer and look good.

I don’t care if you are new to the program you are promoting or new to marketing. You will face this or similar questions. In many cases, the person asking the question is usually asking it so they can judge whether you’d be a good sponsor.

Some will end the conversation as soon as you tell them you just started with the company. A few will listen to your presentation IF your sponsor is with you and can state that he or she has made a profit.

Have you ever joined a program where you’ve never heard from your sponsor OR your sponsor is almost as new to the business as you? I have and it isn’t a pretty situation most of the time.

What if you could avoid those nightmare situations?

  • What if the training you received was being provided by a person that has been making 6 figures a year online since 1997?
  • What if you could join a business where you can get all of the support you needed?
  • What if the support also included a whole team that had goals and a positive mindset similar to yours?
  • What if this team support was provided via Skype so you could get help on your schedule?
  • What if you and everyone you sponsored was given a blueprint to follow to achieve success and all you had to do was take action?
  • What if you could work your way into multiple income streams while promoting just one website and concept?

If you were a complete novice with a Mentor and a whole team backing you up with skills and proof of success, do you think your chances of reaching your goals would increase?

You can find all of the above at My Residual Team(MRT) AND you can even join as a free member to check everything out before deciding whether you wish to become part of one of our supported residual income businesses and our group promotions.

MRT currently has a group of 6-8 members working together to promote Sales Xplosion as a team. One member’s link is promoted by everyone on the team and the link is changed daily. I’ve had 2 turns so far and the team effort before Christmas yielded 50 prospects for me to follow up with and my first turn in 2010 gained me another 20. Other team members are seeing similar results on their days of receiving all traffic generated by the team.

I highly recommend you join My Residual Team and check us out today if you are hungry for success in 2010 and want to look like a super sponsor from the beginning.

Beginners Can Look Like Super Sponsors

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