Chris Rempel wrote an article defining the terms business builder and opportunity seeker as he used them in his article. My definitions are similar to his.

You can read Chris’s article titled It’s Time to Draw a Line in the Sand… if you wish to see the definitions in the context he used. The definitions are:

Opportunity Seeker: Someone who wants the “thrill” of success, but (deep down) isn’t ready – or willing – to work for it. They prefer “magic bullets” to business models, and would rather be entertained than actually instructed.

Business Builder: Chris doesn’t spell out his definition in a single paragraph but he uses clear examples that illustrate what constitutes a business builder and how they act.

To me, his definition of an opportunity seeker comes close to describing a lottery player. This type of person wants and often NEEDS the instant gratification and windfall but they aren’t consciously or subconsciously ready for success if it did fall into their lap.

A Business Builder

A business builder differs from an opportunity seeker as much as day differs from night. Business builders:

  • Create a business plan before they start the business.
  • Budget business expenses for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Maintain an advertising budget of at least $50 a month for the first 90 days.
  • Organize their time so they spend at least 2 hours per day doing activities that are designed to increase their traffic and income. (During this period, emails, Instant Messages, phone calls and other distractions are ignored.) Some examples of these activities are:
    • Placing ads
    • Writing new ads
    • Testing the effectiveness of ads that are used.
    • Writing blog posts and publishing them.
    • Writing articles and distributing them.
    • Making and distributing promotional videos
    • Executing a backlink building campaign for their website.
  • Examine every opportunity, tool or resource presented to them to see if it will help them move closer to the goals in their business plan or further away from those goals.
  • Associate with positive minded people that help them maintain their positive attitude.
  • Have someone that knows their business plan and goals and holds them accountable when goals aren’t met because of a lack of action and celebrates with them when they are met or surpassed.
  • Have one or more people they associate with that are above their skill level so they can learn and grow.
  • Become proficient in one method of marketing before they try to add additional marketing methods to their repertoire.
  • Maintain a positive outlook about their life business and future as much as possible.
  • Reinvest anywhere from 10%-50% of their profits back into their business.
  • Invest a portion of their profits in tools that will help automate their non-profit generating business tasks.
  • Invest about 10% of their profits in education.
  • The bottom line is that business builders have a plan, they surround themselves with people that can help them reach their goal through support, education, accountability or in some other way and they consistently take action to move closer to their goal.

    Opportunity seekers rely on luck for progress and business builders make their luck by having a plan, taking action and growing as a person to achieve their goals in both business and life.

    I believe many business builders need support and I believe My Residual Team is the vehicle that can help you reach your goals IF you ARE a business builder. I highly recommend business builders join My Residual Team, today, as a free member to see if we fit your business plan and goals.

Business Builder Or Opportunity Seeker, Which Are You?

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