Business success requires a business plan, traffic generation and a way to duplicate what you are doing if you are in a multi-tier program or network marketing.

No one can help you achieve success in life or business if you are unwilling or are unable to set achievable goals. If you know you are working to improve your grades in school by a full point, you can measure your progress or lack of progress and modify your actions to get on track to reach your goal.

If you set an income goal of $500 a month in 3 months so your business is paying the $500/mo. electric bill, you have a goal that’s measurable, that you can visualize and that is attainable provided you consistently take the actions necessary to move towards your goal.

This process can be repeated with each and every bill or desire until you are debt free and living the life of your dreams.

Some steps you can take to give yourself a greater chance of reaching your success are:

  1. Set clearly defined goals that are realistic, achievable and measurable. You must be clear on WHY you want to reach these goals and passionate about wanting to succeed.
  1. Establish the timeframe and budget you need to help you reach your goal. Personal growth such as better grades usually requires supplies, books and maybe even self help programs or tutoring in addition to a time investment. Business success often requires an operating budget, educational expenses and tools in addition to a time commitment.
  2. Create a system that is easy to duplicate OR tap into one created by someone else that you and your team can use to grow your skills and income.
  3. Associate with people that have a positive mindset similar to yours.
  4. Try to associate with one or more like minded people that are more advanced than you and study their actions to learn from them.

This list might sound like common sense and it is but you’d be surprised how many abandon it and revert to old habits after a short period of time. The reasons vary but the most common is an unconscious fear of success.

Here are action steps.

  1. Write out your goal or goals on paper and place it where you constantly see it. Include a picture or some other visual representation if possible.
  2. Join My Push Button Traffic. This is where you advertising efforts go viral.
  3. Join My Residual Team(MRT). This has a traffic blueprint that’s great for training your downline to duplicate your success AND upgraded members will have access to live Mentoring from an industry leader and a Skype chat room that’s active with positive minded business people with different skill levels and different skill sets.
  4. Teach the people you sponsor into ANY business to use my push button traffic to cloak their clicks and passively receive targeted traffic to their businesses.
  5. Teach the people you sponsor to join MRT as free members so they can learn how to effectively set up and run a traffic generation that won’t cost a penny until they can spend from profits.

Most people know they need what I’ve written above but have no idea where to start or who to trust. Both programs mentioned have free options so your investment is your time. You need a plan, time and money to become a business success and a success in general. This is one method I KNOW works.

A Functional Business Success Blueprint

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