Residual income is the only way you’ll have true independence as a home based business owner.

People are making good livings selling products on eBay, selling eBooks and from promoting CPA offers BUT none of these are residual. If these business owners go on vacation or have an emergency, their income either slows or stops unless they have employees or partners that take care of the business while they are gone.

To be truly independent, you need a business model that generates revenue consistently even if you aren’t available and have no one babysitting your business for you.

There are multiple ways you can create residual income so it’s up to you to decide the path that suits your temperament, desires, passions and work ethic.

If you are going to achieve the success you seek, you MUST build a responsive list that’s interested in your niche and they must trust what you tell them.

Some marketers prefer promotions of affiliate programs that offer recurring commissions instead of running their own membership sites. Aweber is one example of a recurring commission affiliate program.

Others choose to set up and run one or more membership sites in niches they are passionate about to generate the consistent cash flow they want.

Many choose network marketing as the vehicle that generates the desired income. Join 4 a Dollar is a matrix style network marketing program that you can get into for $1 one time and build it into a decent amount over time. The advantage of a program like this is the small entrance fee makes sponsoring easier and the disadvantage is the amount of time required to generate any significant revenue and the lack of training available to you.

I strongly recommend My Residual Team (MRT) if you honestly desire one or more streams of residual income without losing money because you can start as a free member if you are flat broke, you can earn a recurring commission by referring upgraded members to MRT AND there is great training and support available to every membership level.

Regardless of the path you choose to achieve the success you are seeking, you need to learn the basics of traffic generation, good business skills, communication skills and business management skills in general.

These skills can be acquired in many places but a number of them will cost you quite a bit in cash, time and trial and error before you master them IF you don’t associate with the right team and the right Mentor.

My Residual Team is a one stop shop for most, if not all, of the training, tools, support quality income generating programs that give you the ability to generate the residual income you seek.

Is Residual Income Your Key To Independence?

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