I’m writing a My Push Button Traffic Review so you can see what I like and dislike about the program so you can make an informed decision about joining it.

The text and video on the site states that the site is:

  • easy to use
  • generates targeted traffic
  • generates continuous and growing traffic
  • is a self promoting advertising tool
  • is affordable and offers a great ROI (Return On Investment)
  • generates real traffic
  • is automatic
  • the high conversion rate is high

I’ll address each of these points in this article.

Easy To Use

It is as easy to use as the site claims. The hardest part is writing an ad you think will be compelling. Free members are limited to text only ads and upgraded members have the ability to add images, change font sizes, colors and more using an editor that looks a lot like most word processors. Selecting the category or categories you wish to target is as easy as clicking the category name. Hold down the control key while clicking the category name for multiple targets.

Adding links is best done using copy/paste so you don’t have any typos. You do not have a chance to preview the link you create but you can always edit your work. Links can be targeted to one or more categories by holding down the control key while selecting more than one category.

Generates Targeted Traffic

Since you choose the categories both your links and ads are in, the system automatically places ads similar to the page you are promoting together so your prospect sees what they are interested in and this helps maintain interest.

You are promoting your links so you control how targeted the traffic you generate to them is and the category or categories you chose when you created your link helps the program choose the right ads to show. The better you are at choosing the right categories to target the better chance everyone has at seeing higher conversions on their ads.

I REALLY like this feature because I know my target audience and this helps me place my ads in front of people I KNOW are interested in what I’m offering.

Generates Continuous And Growing Traffic

For this statement to be true free members need to actually refer members to My Push Button Traffic that actively use it OR they need to be upgraded members that receive random referrals. I almost didn’t join this because I didn’t want something else to promote. That would have been a serious mistake on my part. By taking the time to promote this, I’m magnifying my viral marketing efforts. EVERY member I refer can create multiple links and each time these links get clicked I benefit as does the person I brought into the program. If I take the time to acquire 10 personal referrals as the home page graphic shows, I’ll be a very happy camper. I’ve found the program to be easy to bring marketers into once they understand the viral marketing aspect of it.

Is A Self Promoting Advertising Tool

The ad bar is coded with your referral link so you have the potential to get referrals from it. Don’t expect many but it can happen.

Is Affordable And Offers A Great ROI (Return On Investment)

Since there are both free and paid options, this is definitely affordable. If your budget allows it, I HIGHLY recommend the upgrade because of the ability to include images, color and different fonts in your ads. The random referrals and extra credits are 2 more great perks.

Generates Real Traffic

Every member of this program is targeting their links to real prospects for their business so the ads placed in the system benefit from these efforts.

Is Automatic

I’ve seen the stats counter slowly but surely climb on the links I’m promoting and this has helped drive up the displays of my ads in the system without any extra effort once they were placed.

The Conversion Rate Is High

The conversion rate can only be tracked if you have the ability to add some HTML or PHP to the pages you are promoting in the system. I haven’t tested this portion of the program but I expect the conversions to be good as the membership grows and targeting is done correctly.

Passive Clickbank Income

The owner of My Push Button Traffic has had the script modified so additional perks are included. One of these is targeted Clickbank products are in the system and YOUR Clickbank ID is embedded in some of these ads and the only thing you have to do is enter your Clickbank ID in your MPBT profile.


I’m not a fan of having credit mails and my contact email being the same but I understand the reasoning for it being set up this way.

If you are interested in cloaking your affiliate links, tracking the number of hits, testing the conversion rates on pages you can edit and wish to have a viral marketing aspect as part of your marketing strategy, I think you’ll benefit from a My Push Button Traffic membership and an upgraded membership makes a LOT of sense if the budget has room.

Note: I received no compensation for writing this My Push Button Traffic review but the links to the site are my affiliate links.

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