Advertising is used by businesses for many reasons but many beginners don’t completely understand the basic goal of advertising.

Each and every advertisement that you place should have one specific goal. This goal can be to brand your business, inform about a new product or service, lead generation or to add subscribers to your newsletter.

Very few highly successful marketers go directly for the sale in the ad because they know most people need to see an offer 5-10 times before they take action.

Text ads that look like Google Adsense ads are extremely effective because you are forced to get to the point in a few words. TexMexTextAds is an example of a site using this type of ad.

You are allowed 25 characters, including spaces, for the title. The ad body allows 60 characters, including spaces, and the text is split across 2 lines.

One reason this style of ad usually converts well for good marketers is they are forced to focus entirely on the user benefits FAST. User benefits sell and learning to write these short and powerful ads makes you a better marketer.

Copy writing is an acquired skill and advertising platforms like TexMexTextAds is the perfect place to hone your skills without spending wads of cash.

Once you can identify benefits your prospects respond to, it is much easier to take these benefits and use them in longer ad copy, in articles, in videos and in a variety of advertising venues.

Thinking like a consumer that might be interested in your product or service is difficult at first but it gets easier with practice. The classified style advertising packed with a powerful benefit plus a call to action is about as basic as you can get in advertising.

The Basic Goal Of Advertising

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