The short answer is NO. There are business models that will let you throw off the commute and a boss IF you are the right kind of person.

Not everyone has the discipline to run their own business. We all need structure in our business lives and not everyone has the ability to create a structured work environment for themselves then stick to it. Other people NEED the false security a steady paycheck delivers.

If you are the type of person that can create an operating budget and stick to it, set clearly defined and achievable goals, create a business plan, create to do lists and create a daily action plan that you actually follow, you have the ability to start and run a business from home or offline.

Every business requires a budget of some kind. This budget may be an investment of time, money or a combination of the two.

Like life, businesses have good periods and periods that aren’t as good. You need to track everything in your business and in your industry so you can prepare for the slow times and be ready to jump into the front of a hot trend that’s just starting.

You need to learn how to relate with both customers and prospects. Sometimes this means telling them you aren’t interested in having a business relationship with them. This management skill is necessary for any business owner that has to interact with people regardless of the business model involved.

A qualified coach or Mentor is necessary if you want success without spending thousands of dollars and months if not years of trial and error following the advice acquired from incomplete, outdated or misleading products or services.

The right coach or Mentor can help you develop every aspect of your business and shorten your learning curve to a year or less on a part-time basis.

I highly recommend the coaching and Mentoring at My Residual Team for anyone that’s seriously thinking about owning and operating a membership site. You do need to act now though because the membership site mentoring program is starting soon and the price will be increasing as well.

My Residual Team is a great place to start for anyone looking to use affiliate marketing or network marketing as their business model of choice because the traffic blueprint shared with qualifying members has allowed newbies that applied the training to go from no traffic to 300 unique visitors a day within 90 days without spending a penny on this targeted traffic.

If you want easy money, buy a lottery ticket or find a job that requires little to no work in exchange for your time but if you are able and willing to start and run a home based business, I recommend you grab at least a free membership with My Residual Team. Give the One Time Offer serious consideration if you want a membership site that you own as one of your residual income businesses.

Is There Easy Money Online?

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