Your frame of mind affects your business, your ad copy, your interaction with your customers and every aspect of your personal life.

If you’ve been reading my posts for awhile you have seen this more than once. Here are two says that are frequently repeated by successful people:

If you believe you can you are correct and if you believe you can’t you are correct.

If you think you’re beaten, you are.

I also like: Your attitude helps determine your altitude.

Both of these statements directly address your core beliefs.

We are consciously in control of our thoughts and actions only a small percentage of our waking hours and none of our sleeping hours so getting your core beliefs to accept a positive mindset at all times is vital to your success in life and business.

You can have great ad copy written for you by a very expensive copy writer but the results may fall very short of what you expected. This can happen because the copy writer might not know your business or understand the message YOU want to get out because something negative prevented you from clearly outlining the benefits of your product or service to the person you hired.

Trying to write an effective ad for something you don’t use or believe in will never be successful for very long.

Let’s us a network marketing example that’s product based as an example. You join the company because of the compensation plan and have no intention of EVER using the product. These companies rely on product sales to prosper and buying just enough products to qualify for commissions is wrong because it is NOT sustainable.

Only a small percentage of the people you are approaching will be interested in the business. Many MIGHT be interested in the products if you cared enough to learn about them and actually use them enough to give honest feedback.

You have the potential to make a LOT more money if you adopt the mindset that you want happy customers that might be interested in picking up some extra cash by sharing their experiences with the product or service.

You should think of your advertising as the first step in a process that’ll help solve a problem for your customer. People hate to be sold to but will easily buy solutions when they need them.

Every business owner needs advertising and many see it only as an expense. Some business people look for ways to advertise that include an income opportunity so their advertising is a tool that has the potential to eliminate the out of pocket expense or it helps increase the advertising budget. One such business is launching April 1, 2010 but you won’t see the product mentioned until you register for free and start receiving messages from the program administrator.

I strongly recommend creating an account at Fortune Frontier and sponsoring some so you end up with self funded advertising after launch.

Is Your Advertising Mindset Correct?
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