Have you noticed that many of the ‘gurus’ are rediscovering that marketing basics still work and work very well while the gimmicks no longer work.

Prior to the creation of the Internet, the best marketers were people that quickly established a trusting relationship with their prospects. Email marketing works very well because it gives you the time to create relationships online where it’s easy to be anonymous.

Some marketers think email marketing is dead or dying but it is still very effective when you realize the people you are mailing to are people first. These people may or may not become viable prospects or customers.

Social networks are thriving because people are communicating as real people and not just walking ATMs.

Videos are extremely popular and the most popular are videos that touch human emotions.

You, like every other human I know, need to be connected with others. You are more likely to do business with someone you know, like and trust.

If you’ve ever walked into an offline store and had a sales person approach you immediately trying to get information out of you about what you were seeking, I’m willing to bet your chances of buying dropped even if you wanted something. This reaction is usually automatic and often unconscious.

I believe this approach triggers our subconscious fight or flight reaction to external stimuli. A fast approaching sales person is subconsciously seen as a predator we must either fight or flee from if we are to survive.

We consciously recognize there is little, if any, real threat but the brain has already raised your defenses AND pumped your body up for action.

If you get too pushy too fast in your emails, you meet heavy resistance. You will also lose sales if you wait too long to ask your prospects to take some kind of action.

Your personal integrity and the reputation you’ve built both online and offline will either help or hinder your success in most business or personal matters.

Forum marketing signatures work AFTER the community gets to know you through your posts in the Forum.

Classified advertising still works when targeted correctly. Physical products are perfect for classifieds because they are tangible. Information products on CDs or DVDs have a higher perceived value than digital downloads because they can be touched.

To sell information products through classifieds and other methods online, you usually have to build trust in YOU and increase the perceived value of your offering by showing the consumer exactly what problem or problems your product or service will solve for them and why YOU are the best person or business to solve the problem.

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