You need high quality content for your website and marketing before you can even think about business success. Easy content creation is possible IF you know how.

Outsourcing is one solution if you find the right person and can clearly define what you want and expect. This method isn’t always an option for new business owners. Budget constraints and inexperience on your part may rule this option out very fast.

Writing or creating all of the content yourself ensures quality but it can be very time consuming. It also detracts from you actually marketing effectively to build your business.

There is another option that has been so abused some are ignoring it. I’m talking about private label rights (PLR) articles and products.

PLR can range from digital trash to quality stuff that’s equal to or superior to what you can produce.

I attended a webinar once where a couple outlined a few of the 100+ ways they use PLR in their business.

Here are just a few ways you can easily create new content from PLR:

  • Record an article or ebook on audio.
  • Pull segments out of the article to make a slideshow presentation out of it. Add related images, background music and some nice transitions to the presentation and you can record the slideshow as a video advertisement.
  • Use the video slideshows as content on your site or blog with text before and after the video to give search engine spiders something to see.
  • Combine several good PLR articles into an ecourse you deliver by auto-responder.
  • Use some PLR content plus stuff you’ve written to create a free report you give away to build your list, brand yourself or increase traffic.

I’ve found private label rights products usually cut product creation time is reduced by at least 50 percent every time I use it. Each piece I use can usually be used in different ways too. This means 1 article or product might be used in 3-5 different ways.

There are multiple places you can get quality PLR for different purposes without busting your budget. ArticlesBin recently reopened as a private label rights site that provides high quality responder message sets. This is a HUGE time saver.

P.S. A webinar is being offered March 30, 2010 that will show attendees how to take raw PLR and turn it into a product in 45 minutes. This will be free to attend for ArticlesBin members. I’ve got my seat and recommend you grab yours ASAP.

Easy Content Creation

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