Are you missing out on potential visitors by choosing the wrong platform to present your information? You be the judge after reading this article.

Search engines love blogs because they are usually updated on a regular basis, they allow visitors to interact through comments and social media and there is usually an RSS Feed or other ways to be informed about updates.

Static Websites

When a webmaster puts up a static website, there is usually no a a visitor can leave a comment, there is rarely a way to social bookmark the site and there is usually no way a visitor can learn about site updates short of visiting the website or subscribing to an email newsletter.

An addition to static websites usually requires an edit of every single page of the website so the navigation menu is correct. If a server side include is used for the navigation menu, the need to edit EVERY page is eliminated BUT the site isn’t quite as search engine friendly. A new sitemap must be manually created with every new addition. I’ve also found many static websites have very poor internal linking structures that allow visitors to quickly find related articles.

WordPress Sites

There are a few books that will teach you how to make your WordPress powered site look like a static site but they usually tell you to remove the comment and RSS Feed capabilities from the blog and these are two very useful and powerful features if used correctly.

I’ve read that Google is going to start factoring the number of RSS subscribers a site has into their ranking algorithm. RSS feeds allow your visitors to anonymously subscribe and unsubscribe from your feed so each subscriber is seen as a positive vote for your site. Since visitors control their subscription without influence from you, a good RSS subscriber base is seen as social proof that people think your site delivers good value. Why throw away something that might help you get more visitors than your competitor?

Comments allow your visitors to ask questions or leave comments that might give you ideas how to improve your website, your service or even develop a completely new product to better serve their needs. Each new comment is viewed by the search engines as fresh content. This is content YOU did not have to create. Comments can help create a sense of community and strengthen relationships.

Every comment left by a visitor can be moderated by admin if WordPress so why would you want to avoid hearing comments or questions from visitors?

Each new WordPress post is automatically added to the RSS Feed and there are plugins available that also add new pages to the feed. There are plugins that make it easier to present a search engine friendly site. Plugins exist that will dynamically create both search engine friendly sitemaps and visitor viewable sitemaps. You can add a plugin to automatically display related posts or additional posts within the same category but that doesn’t apply to pages.

You CAN create a page and make it your static home page then put the rest of your content as posts and visitors will never know the difference.

I don’t know about you but most of my new websites are WordPress powered so I can take advantage of the social interaction capabilities while enjoying search engine love.

Static Websites vs WordPress Sites
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