Submitting your RSS Feed to RSS Feed aggregators is a great way to gain highly targeted traffic and one way links IF you do it correctly. The wrong way is wasted effort.

A new WordPress plugin was released this week that automatically creates a new RSS Feed for each post and mails it to your inbox for YOU to submit. On the surface, this sounds great.

The problem lies in the fact that the generated RSS Feed contains ONLY one entry. Feeds generated by WordPress and most other programs include 3 or more entries in each feed.

Many RSS Feed Aggregator sites are now viewing single entry RSS Feed submissions as spam and they are deleting the feed and MAY either disable or delete your account and ALL good feeds you’ve submitted.

There is a proper way to automatically submit feeds.

Web Traffic Genius Pro (WTG)

The WTG wordpress plugin has been in service over a year and it has been improved as more marketers are using and abusing RSS Feeds for traffic and backlinks. The current plugin:

  • automatically generates a new RSS Feed with every new post you publish.
  • automatically stores the generated feed on your server.
  • automatically submits this feed to 20 RSS Feed aggregators.
  • has an extra feeds section where you can add 25, 50 or more posts that will randomly be added to the newly generated RSS Feed. You decide the range of posts that will be added to the feed. i.e. 3-7, 4-10, etc.

Buyers of this plugin also receive:

· a standalone version of the plugin that can be installed on your server.

· software you can use to generate RSS Feeds for web pages that don’t have RSS Feeds. You can also use this software to create RSS Feeds for every new post you publish on WEB 2.0 sites that aren’t self hosted. These feeds can then be submitted using the WTG standalone script.

If you think submitting RSS Feeds that contain multiple posts just like traditional feeds makes more sense AND you think the RSS Aggregators will accept these ‘natural’ looking feeds, I suggest you check out Web Traffic Genius Pro.

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