There is an old saying that says those that fail to plan are planning to fail. I was reminded of this by observing two different people this week.

One person is relatively new to having a home based business and her Mentor has taught her the basics of creating a plan and then implementing it. Part of the plan included courses on traffic generation.

This person is using the plan but the focus is on upgrades instead of generating at least one new referral each day regardless of the level of membership chosen.

Some people upgrade and some don’t. Your job is to consistently and methodically follow a plan that promotes your business.

If you don’t have a plan you are following or you sporadically follow it, you WILL never achieve the success you dream of on a regular basis.

My second encounter this week was a person that has a lot of technical skills but the mentality is that of a lottery player.

This person is coming at things out of desperation. Quick cash is needed so thinking about long term business building is difficult at best.

There are ways you can generate quick cash but you usually need to have a list, a proven offer and catch people at the right time.

Both of these people are experiencing some success in their chosen businesses but they are both unhappy with the small victories. If they enjoyed their limited successes and built on them, they’d be much more likely to see growth.

Your attitude helps determine your altitude. Another way of saying that is: A positive attitude helps attract what you desire and a negative mindset helps attract the opposite of what you desire.

It’s easy for an outsider to see what these to marketers are doing wrong and they might even know it but correcting it means having faith in their plans.

Their business plans, marketing plans and daily action plans MUST be trusted and they MUST believe in their core that they deserve the successes they’re working towards. Your business success or failure, like theirs, depends on your mindset, your plans and your consistent action. My Residual Team can help you with the plans and our team members in the Skype chat help each of us with our mindset. Come join us.

Have You Planned Success?

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