If you are trying to market ANYTHING online or off, it is MUCH easier if you have a list of people that you’ve built up a certain amount of trust with.

You’ve probably seen articles by me and others telling you that you need a list. You may even accept that fact but the thought of doing everything necessary to build a list YOU own scares you silly.

You may not:

  • Know where to start.
  • Know what a squeeze page is.
  • Know what an auto-responder is.
  • Know how to use an auto-responder.
  • Know how to place an optin form on a web page.
  • Know what to give prospects in exchange for their email address.
  • Have the time to write new reports each month to continue your list building efforts.

There IS an easy solution.

Mike Tansey created a site called Free Report Profit that gives you a complete system and free reports you can use to build yourself the list or lists you know you need. He offers multiple membership levels, including free.

I chose to upgrade because professionally designed graphics associated with your free report makes you look more professional which helps tip the decision to opt in a little bit more in your favor.

Thanks to Free Report Profit, you and I can spend more time giving away reports, communicating with our subscribers and running our business than writing reports, having graphics made and creating squeeze pages.

Professionals outsource whenever they can and Free Report Profit gives you one less task to complete before you start your list building campaign.

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