Every business has to have a traffic generation strategy if it plans on surviving then thriving. Your visitor getting methods may differ from mine and that’s ok.

Attracting the targeted visitors you want and need is work.

Many marketers spend hours each day using sites like 10 Minute Ads, Squeeze Your Ads and List Speedster to acquire the visitors they need BUT they stop at that point.

Less than 5 percent of your visitors will make a purchase the first time they visit. If you don’t have a lead generation and follow up system in place, you are doomed to endlessly find and attract new visitors to your site.

ArticlesBin offers PLR follow up messages covering a different niche each week. I’ve already grabbed a few sets that fit niches I’m in and I’m willing to bet they have niche packs you can use to retain your leads.

Free Report Profit is another resource that can and should be used to build a list of leads you can communicate with on a regular basis. Regular communication (Communication is delivering tips and useful information before the sales pitch.) is the first step to building trust. Trust can and often does lead to sales.

There are several quality auto-responder services on the market. Aweber has the highest delivery rate of the responders I’ve tried and this includes self hosted. If your budget doesn’t have room for a responder, you need to add it to your wish list for your business and get it as soon as you can.

Search engine optimization is a long term traffic generation strategy that can pay off handsomely if you provide consistent action and give it enough time.

Article marketing also requires a certain amount of time plus consistent action to be effective.

If you actively participate in Forums within your niche, your forum signature can become a great source of target traffic.

Text ad exchanges, like the ones mentioned above, classified advertising, solo ads, PPC and social media can generate quick bursts of traffic.

Every traffic generation method mentioned in this articled works with varying degrees of success. Consistent action MUST be taken with each method you intend to use then consistent communication must be used to build trust.

Traffic Generation Resources

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