Some people don’t understand the difference between building a business and just making money. Do you know the difference?

Making Money

Most affiliate marketers fit in this category because they aren’t collecting email addresses and building relationships. No list means no real business asset exists.

Some affiliate marketers build lists but participate in so many ad swaps and joint ventures that their list is almost identical to the lists of there competitors. In situations like that, the customer goes with the best offer because there is no incentive to be loyal.

These marketers are destined to move from product to product as soon as the sales for each starts to slow down.

To me, these marketers simply traded one job for another.

They may make more as an affiliate marketer than they did working for someone else. The lack of job security exists in both situations. As a self employed person, you are responsible for your own benefit package, retirement and time management.

Building A Business

Business builders start and maintain mailing lists. They often own one or more products, services or membership sites that offer great value.

The products, services or membership sites offered by builders often have a similar theme and a good shelf life. This often helps their long term growth and stability because affiliates won’t have to drop them for the next launch as quickly because sales will stay up due to the quality of the offering.

The reason most business builders stick with a single theme is promotion.

They can start one site and build it until it is in profit and growing. A second site in the same theme can then be created and promoted to both the customers and prospects for the first site.

The affiliates for the first site that have been successful at building a mailing list can use THEIR list to promote the second site.

Whenever a business owner maintains a single theme with a similar focus, it simplifies the actions they and their affiliates must take to maintain their current income or increase the long term income for both groups.

We almost always start out just making money but the ones that ‘get it’ pick a theme they are passionate about and start building a business around it. The offerings vary but there may be a mixture of services, products and membership sites.

My journey includes using My Residual Team to increase my skills and help those willing to advance their skills grow as marketers. MRT isn’t my business but I’m an upgraded member that works with like minded people in the group chat. Are you ready to join us?

Are You Building A Business Or Just Making Money?

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