I’ve seen multiple reminders this week that teamwork is required to be a business success or a success at anything. Baseball is the perfect example.

I’m not a huge fan of the game but I do follow the Tampa Bay Rays because they are local. This team has no single runaway star but as a group they have the best win/loss record in baseball at the moment.

Individual hitting stats for most players are lower than on most teams BUT the stats for getting hits when players are in scoring position are very good. These guys give up individual glory for team success.

Are you willing to give up some glory to achieve greater success?

My Mentor had to move her sites from one host to another this week on short notice. Something almost always breaks when you are moving, especially when rushed. It happened on one of her sites and, fortunately, in was in an area I know well.

I was able to look at the site and upload a fix in 5 minutes so the downtime was minimal.

I’m in the process of opening a new membership site and the PayPal buttons weren’t redirecting and integrating with the membership script the way they are supposed to. She was able to see that I had a couple of settings wrong and it took a third team member to see the FINAL piece that fixed the problem.

The answer was simple but it took 2 different sets of eyes to spot everything.

If you don’t have team members you can call on to help, you may spend hours seeking the solution to a problem OR you may have to hire someone to help you troubleshoot.

Time is money so developing a team of like minded people is ALWAYS going to be cheaper than going it alone or hiring someone.

A good team shares what works and what doesn’t, they will periodically brainstorm each others businesses to see how they can be improved and they provide help or moral support where needed.

Business success is possible for business owners and it is always easier to achieve when you are part of a good team. Members of my team are part of My Residual Team . Come join us

Business Success And Teamwork
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