Many people look for shortcuts in both life and business to save time & money & I bet few stop to think about the effects of their actions on their reputation.

Not all shortcuts are bad.

You must weigh the savings in time or money against the potential loss of quality before you decide whether a particular shortcut works in that situation.

Article spinners are a prime example. Quite a few marketers either buy software to spin a single article into anywhere from 10 to 1,000 copies. Other marketers pay a monthly fee to perform the same function. Too many of these marketers load these articles into blogs or submit them to article directories without even reading them.

These articles never get approved at quality directories. Any visitor that lands on a blog that has this junk will quickly leave without taking the action the marketer desires.

Many spun articles could be made usable if the marketer took the time to read and edit them so they make sense to the reader.

In this case, most marketers are wasting time and money instead of saving it by using this shortcut. A better solution might be to outsource the writing or proofreading of articles.

The All-in-One-SEO-Pack plugin is another shortcut to SEO for WordPress that many bloggers use. If used correctly, this WordPress plugin makes optimizing WordPress in general and adding Meta tag titles, descriptions and keywords to each post very easy.

This WordPress plugin has the ability to automatically create the Meta tag keywords and Meta description if you let it. Many lazy marketers and marketers that don’t know any better let the plugin do ALL the work.

Many of the major search engines will use the first sentence or two of a post as a description if there is none and they will use the Meta description in the results if there is one. By letting the plugin generate your Meta description, you are giving up your chance to describe your post in a way that might entice a searcher to click on your listing.

When you enter the Meta Title and Meta keywords, you are telling the search engines and Meta crawlers the keywords you think your target audience will use to find the post.

Web Traffic Genius is a premium WordPress plugin that can help automate the generation of backlinks using RSS Feed Aggregators. Lazy marketers won’t take the time to add the data needed to enable the extra feeds function that’s built into the plugin. This laziness destroys the effectiveness of the plugin. When you take the time to completely set up and use this plugin, it can help attract visitors as well as help in the search engines.

Shortcuts can sometimes help you if you take just a little time to use them correctly and there are times when they will only hurt your reputation and business. New WordPress Plugin can help you find plugins that can lighten your workload and make WordPress work FOR you.

Are Shortcuts Worth Using?
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