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Attracting highly targeted traffic from the search engines requires back links, quality content based on the right keywords and participation from your visitors.

Each of the 3 components is important to the search engines. As the algorithms are altered by the search engines, one element is given more weight than the others.

Too many marketers fall for the fads and alter their whole marketing plan just so they can concentrate on
trying to exploit the fact that their favorite search engine is currently
placing more weight on the number of back links their site has pointing to it.

These marketers may achieve page
1 listings and enjoy the traffic and sales that can come from that.
Unfortunately, many of these marketers don’t fully understand search engine marketing or the changes that take place as algorithms get adjusted. This lack of knowledge will leave them shocked when they suddenly fall from page 1 into oblivion.

The adjustment will be viewed as a slap. They will either have to learn the basics of search engine marketing
and put them into practice or they’ll latch onto the next traffic generation fad.

Let’s examine each of the three vital components that will help you avoid big surprises when the search engines adjust their algorithms.

Quality Content

Posts that are based on keywords that have 30,000 or fewer competing pages are usually fairly easy to get to
page one with just a few back links. When the number of competing pages increases to 50,000, 100,000 or more, you will need to expend much more effort to achieve page one status.

The phrases that have 30,000 or fewer competing pages may not get as many searches per day as the more competitive terms but the high ranking you can often get with them will help push your primary keyword higher in the SERPs. Ideally, you want a phrase that gets at least 80 searches a day but fewer searches per day can still help you in some niches.

Visitor Participation

Well written posts that make people think or ones that are controversial will usually get a response from
the reader. Search engines love posts that have comments and you should too.

Every comment is content you didn’t have to write. Each comment also shows the search engines that visitors thought enough of your content to add to the conversation.

Visitors that add your post to their favorite social bookmark site or subscribe to your RSS Feed are giving
the search engines social proof that your content was liked.

Back links

Back links between pages and posts count in the search engines but not as much as links pointing to your
site. The social bookmarks placed by visitors are back links that have the anchor text THEY think the post was about.

You control the anchor text used
in Forum signatures, directory submissions, blog comments, articles you submit to directories, in the various profiles you create and more. Concentrating on building just one type of back link is as unwise as concentrating your marketing efforts on one or two of the elements instead of all three.

I recommend both novice and experienced marketers use WordPress to power their sites for several reasons. Some of these are:

  • It’s easy to make search engine friendly.
  • It’s easy to use once set up.
  • Many good plugins are free.
  • There are thousands of free professional looking themes.
  • Anyone that can follow directions and recommendations can turn their blog into a professional looking site that automatically does the internal back link building for them.
  • A few premium plugins help reduce the time required to put quality off site links in place.

New WordPress Plugin is the site I recommend you use to get the guidance you need to turn WordPress into a traffic getting powerhouse utilizing content, visitor participation and back link building to give search engines what they want.

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