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Google loves Squidoo because fresh content is constantly being added to the network of lenses. Could Instant Blog Subscribers be the next blog community Google shows some love?

Hubpages and are both loved for constant fresh content in their networks too. I don’t see any reason IBS couldn’t become the next authority site to grab some welcome attention from Google.

You can bet the addition of 5,000 blogs in 5 days has the attention of the search engines. As the blog network grows and members add both content and then promote their posts, the traffic and authority of this platform is bound to grow.

Many people are attracted to Instant Blog Subscribers by the 200 or more instant visitor potential and the income opportunity.

Savvy marketers recognize the value of the social networking aspect that is built into the system.

The ability to embed videos, images, optin boxes or audio in your blog posts at IBS makes this platform an attractive tool.

Marketers that are familiar with and use basic search engine optimization skills see the potential value in the backlinks they place and control in their IBS posts.

Squidoo vs Instant Blog Subscribers

Squidoo is well established, easy to use and loved by Google when quality lenses are created. One thing I dislike about Squidoo is that the new content you add to a lens is on the same page so bookmarking it again is wasted effort.

Instant Blog Subscribers is much closer to Blogger and WordPress in its structure of the content you add.  The home page has snippets of several posts but when a reader clicks to read the post they are taken to a page that is
unique to that post. This means each post can be marketed separately, bookmarked separately AND the search engines can more easily determine the primary keyword for EACH post.

Some of your posts may be focused on longtail keywords that are easy to rank for than your primary keyword phrase. Every time you rank well for one of these longtail keyword phrases, it will help you get positioned higher for your primary keyword phrase.

I see Instant Blog Subscribers as an awesome asset for established marketers and bloggers and the perfect starting point for those that don’t yet have a self hosted WordPress blog. Only time will tell if Instant Blog Subscribers will become an authority site like Squidoo is but the potential is there.

Is This The Next Squidoo?

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