Business Building and Marketing

You market your business to build your business which will, hopefully, increase your income. Smart business owners keep their eyes open for ways to increase their income, automate their business or create multiple income streams.

You know you need leads and to track your advertising. The New Plan Network is an inexpensive program ($10 per month) that allows you to create an unlimited URL Tracker/Rotators, buy leads at a reasonable price that they place into their auto-responders with sales messages that can include the URL for your current business.

How The New Plan Network can help you.

  • Every URL Tracker/Rotator you create tracks the hits to your site, gives you the referring IP address, the time the hit was generated and it also displays a small ad bar at the bottom of the page that advertises NPN while showing the ad for your current business.
  • NPN members can purchase 50,000 MLM home business leads no more than 14 days old in CSV format for $49.97.
  • NPN members can upload these leads to the NPN responders which will send messages to the leads once a week for 2 months.
  • You decide whether you wish to promote your current business or NPN.
  • You can create an unlimited number of URL Tracker/Rotators and each can hold up to 5 URL’s.
  • NPN has in place an option where sponsors can enable a feature that searches your organization and distributes new referrals if they need help. When enabled, this distribution will happen automatically provided the sponsor already has 5 personal referrals.

I think NPN has good potential and I’m using it to track some advertising. Every serious minded business person should take a look at NPN to see if it fits into their portfolio of tools and income opportunities.

I’m disappointed that the majority of the promotional materials currently available are geared at the income opportunity instead of having a mix that includes lead capture pages and banners about the tools and affordable leads. is an example of a URL Tracker/Rotator. Feel free to subscribe to the follow up messages on the lead capture page and note the ad bar for NPN at the bottom of the page. You are not required to exclusively advertise NPN with this tool. is the main page that gives you more information about NPN.

You must decide whether NPN is a good fit for your business plan and budget. You are in control of your marketing plan and NPN may or may not fit it but you won’t know if you don’t at least evaluate NPN to see if it is a business building tool and potential income stream you can use to your benefit.

Note: NPN is a good business but it no longer fits in my business plan.

Business Building and Marketing

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