Are You In A Marketing Rut?


The business world both on and off line is constantly evolving. Are you consistently doing the same things you’ve always done to bring in traffic and paying customers? Are the methods you’re using as effective as they used to be? Have you upgraded your computer to keep up with the demands placed on it by your business? have you recently modified or changed any of your advertising? Have you been reading any newsletters associated with your industry to see what is happening? Have you invested time or money in improving your skills so you can operate your business more efficiently and effectively?

Education is the one element you can completely control.

In the off line business world, failure to keep up to date on what is happening in your community and industry may not be noticed for many months or even years. The changes that are gradually happening without your notice are so slowly eroding your bottom line that they may be overlooked or written off as flukes then quickly forgotten.

If you took the time to keep abreast of changes in your community and industry, you would know what is and more importantly what might be about to happen so you can position your business to increase your market share or help maintain it depending on what is happening or is about to happen.

Online businesses face a much faster moving world.

How long has your website or sales page been up? Is the conversion rate increasing or decreasing? Are there security fixes for your site that haven’t been installed? Has the look and feel started to look outdated as compared to your competitors? Is there new technology that you could use to automate some of your repetitive tasks? Are you still using HTML or CGI when PHP might be more suited to the task? Is your customer support system as streamlined and efficient as it could be?

Changes online happen at the speed of technology. That is both a saying and a fact.

Things that could go months or even years in the off line world without dramatically harming your bottom line must be addresses much sooner in your online business if you are to survive and thrive. Cyber vandals can create much more damage than some punk spray painting a building so keeping your sites and scripts up to date and secure is a much more important part of your business.

The demographics of the online world is fluid and moving much faster than online so you need to keep better informed of trends by reading trade publications, attending seminars or teleclasses and keeping an eye on your competitors. If you are uninformed online, you could be leaving money on the table or even losing the customers you once had to another.

ItsAboutCash has been running the same content management system with one or two different themes over the last couple of years but I’m starting to feel the need for change in scripts so the site can be more flexible to meet your needs, to stay up with security and to adapt and provide you the information you deserve in a technological format that serves us both well.

Are You In A Marketing Rut?

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