I’ve been working with a couple of people over the last few months and want to share with you a big mistake we made so you, hopefully, won’t repeat it in your future endeavors.

A little background is in order. Our group is experienced in business, web design, marketing and IT with limited programming skills. Our goal is to bring 6 different projects live at the same time.

Big Mistake!

NEVER focus on more than one project at a time.

We created a business model for each project, knew what each site was going to look like, know what we needed to do to market each site and we knew our target market for each site.

The problem is that it is impossible to fully implement a marketing campaign for 6 sites at once with a limited staff and finite budget.

The correct approach

We should have taken each business and gotten them ready then brought them live one at a time and focusing on just that one business until it was a thriving entity that was generating enough cash flow to sustain itself and pay for additional advertising or staff.

This approach would have allowed us to concentrate all of our energies and talents on one specific enterprise instead of dividing them over six.

If we had used the correct approach:

  • each business would have received our undivided attention and prospered faster.
  • each business would start generating a positive cash flow quicker because it would have had more time devoted only to its promotion.
  • the marketing campaign for each business could have been accelerated because of the increased personnel, time and cash flow.
  • each business would become more attractive to affiliates faster because of concentrated marketing and steady growth.
  • the newsletters for each business would be developed more efficiently as we gained experience from the first one or two that were started.

The bottom line is we failed to do what I’ve been telling you and that is to focus one one thing and do it well before you move on to the next.

Since we failed to follow our own beliefs and teachings, we are seeing slower growth than we’d like, it feels like we are working harder instead of smarter and we’ve learned that we must practice what we teach or suffer the consequences.

Please do yourself a favor and pay attention to my advice more than I did. You’ll be glad you did.

Please Learn From Our Mistake

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