aweber autoresponderIt doesn’t matter if you capture your own leads or buy them, you should ALWAYS verify the email address is good with a validation program. There are several reasons for doing this but I’ll cover just a few.

  • If you are using purchased leads, some reputable companies will replace non- deliverable leads. You don’t want to pay for leads you can’t use.
  • Are you willing to bet your business on the opt-in list you are importing was created using ethical means and that they still wish to receive messages on your topic?
  • Placing invalidated email addresses into an auto-responder system clogs up the system with bouncing emails. The responder tries re-sending each email several times before quitting. If you import hundreds of email addresses and just a small percentage are bad, you will be slowing the delivery of YOUR good messages.
  • Importing bad email addresses into an auto-responder could cost you the import function. The owners of the auto-responder system have to pay for the bandwidth used to send these messages and creating an unnecessary expense will not be looked upon kindly.

I strongly recommend against using purchased leads in any auto-responder even if you find one that allows mass importation. The risk to your reputation and business is too great. If you insist on throwing purchased or old lists into a responder, please find and use a good email address validation program first.

Using Opt in Leads in Auto Responders

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