If you think you are advertising to sell product you are missing the point. Advertising serves two main purposes with the first to keep your name in front of people to build brand awareness. You do put your full contact information in your ads don’t you? The longer you advertise ANY given product or service AND include your full contact information the more you are building your brand name and trust. You can brand YOUR name. A company name isn’t needed in this industry to build a brand and trust.

Jumping from one business to another every 60-90 days brands you as someone that doesn’t know what they are doing and shows you cannot or will not commit to anything so you would make a poor sponsor.

If you see a person advertising the same business for 6 months to a year or more that person is either making money or is working a long term plan that WILL make them money. This person could be someone to either work with, learn from or share success stories or failures.

Realize that when you are advertising to safe lists, traffic exchanges and other free or inexpensive advertising sources on the Internet you are often sending your ad to other advertisers.

Since your target audience is other advertisers, you had better be offering a way for them to build their current business or you won’t have a chance of establishing that personal contact that you need before you have a chance to build a working friendship or business relationship. Your success rate climbs as you understand who your target market is and what they want. Your advertising then becomes putting the right offer in front of them at the right time.

Why Do YOU Advertise?
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