Jerry McCoy

Our family has been helping local business owners become more profitable since the 1950s.

I, Jerry McCoy, first started helping local businesses in the late 1970s and getting local businesses computerized was added to the services line up in 1981.

Use of the Internet was added into the mix in 2002.

In 2005, I became a volunteer staff member for a network marketing company where I taught the following:

  • entry level Internet Marketing
  • the importance of having a business plan
  • goal setting
  • creating a work schedule to achieve those goals
  • the basics of search engine optimization
  • entry-level use of auto responders
  • the importance of having legal documents such as terms of use, privacy policy, refund policy, etc. on their sites

The importance of having a professional looking (preferably WordPress powered) mobile friendly and branded website for the business was added as part of our family consulting business in 2010.

We saw the importance of having a good online reputation in 2012 and added that to the mix of services that we offer our clients.

Video marketing was also added as a service offering in 2012.

Some social media marketing has always been a part of the reputation marketing services that we offer.

We added creating ad designs for display advertising as one of our service offerings in 2016.

So far in 2017, we have started offering social media cover designs as a service.

Jerry McCoy


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