Most local businesses could benefit from a variety of services but we believe the services offered below provide the highest return on the money you spend building your business.

Reputation Marketing

There are three different parts to reputation marketing and these are:

  • reputation monitoring and management
  • reputation building
  • reputation marketing

Reputation Monitoring And Management

Your online reputation is how many people decide whether they are going to do business with you and you have no idea what they are seeing unless you are actively monitoring your online reputation. In addition to monitoring your reputation, you need to manage it because your business is only one bad review away from having a bad reputation.

Reputation Building

When you start building your reputation, you start by creating a five star culture within your business.

Along with the five star culture, you need to have a system in place where you and your employees regularly invite your customers to leave feedback on your business so that you know how you are doing and what you can improve. When a customer leaves feedback, which will be the perfect time to ask for a review.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is using your 5 star reputation to market your business both online and off-line.

When you set up your feedback system, you’ll need to have your customers give their approval for you to use the reviews in your marketing.

Many of our clients and the clients of our associates that have excellent online reputations are reporting that approximately 80% of their new customers are coming directly from their local directory review pages which prominently display their glowing reviews.

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Local Search (SEO)

Local search is search engine optimization (SEO) done for local businesses instead of being done for a global market. When the customer base you serve is local or regional, there is no need to optimize for the global market. Until early 2012, SEO was about site content, on page optimization and off page optimization but Google has changed the rules. The 3 elements I just mentioned are still important but social signals, a mobile friendly website and your online reputation are now very important too.

Your business’s online reputation is the ultimate social proof and a top Google+ Local listing is the fastest way to get in front of your target market as a local business. The top 3 positions in the Google+ Local listings get the majority of the clicks when their reputations beat the remainder of the competitors showing on the first page of the results.

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Video Marketing

YouTube is second only to Google in the number of searches done each day. You are leaving money on the table if your business doesn’t incorporate video into your marketing plan. While YouTube is the biggest of the video sharing sites and it is owned by Google, you would be remiss if you ignore other video sharing sites and Facebook.

Video marketing, when done correctly, can help you get more customers. Videos plus good text makes for powerful content on your site or on sites used to bring you traffic. The right combination of videos on YouTube and on your Google+ page can help build your authority in your niche which helps bring you more customers.

Watch a sample marketing video and see WHY video marketing is a must for your business. Click here now.

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