Reputation Marketing

There are three different parts to reputation marketing and these are:

  • reputation monitoring and management
  • reputation building
  • reputation marketing

Reputation Monitoring And Management

Your online reputation is how many people decide whether they are going to do business with you and you have no idea what they are seeing unless you are actively monitoring your online reputation. In addition to monitoring your reputation, you need to manage it because your business is only one bad review away from having a bad reputation.

You need to know whether your business has:

  • a bad online reputation
  • no online reputation (No online reputation equals no authority in your industry.)
  • a good online reputation with fewer than 10 reviewsReputation management is a defense the position where you are reacting to something that has already happened.
  • Reputation management does NOT make you money because it is putting out the fires caused by negative reviews that have been left online about your business. This process won’t get your phone ringing with new customers.
  • Your business is losing customers to local competitors that have a better online reputation than you, especially if that reputation is a 5 star reputation with 10 or more 5 star reviews on Google and other review sites. If they also have a steady stream of new reviews regularly being posted online for their business, your chances of taking over their dominance in your local marketplace will be slim to none if you try to do it alone.

Reputation Building

When you start building your reputation, you start by creating a five star culture within your business.

Along with the five star culture, you need to have a system in place where you and your employees regularly invite your customers to leave feedback on your business so that you know how you are doing and what you can improve. When a customer leaves feedback, which will be the perfect time to ask for a review.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is using your 5 star reputation to market your business both online and off-line.

When you set up your feedback system, you’ll need to have your customers give their approval for you to use the reviews in your marketing.

Many of our clients and the clients of our associates that have excellent online reputations are reporting that approximately 80% of their new customers are coming directly from their local directory review pages which prominently display their glowing reviews.


The image shown here is a sample of how your customer’s online reviews can be used to market your 5 star reputation.

Our team creates graphics like this for your customers then shares them on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and Foursquare pages.

If your business has anything less than a 5 star online reputation, the results you see from every type of advertising you do online as well as offline will be less than what you expected because people DO check out your reputation by searching for your business name + city to see what your reputation is like.

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