Video Marketing By McCoy & Associates TV

The Hollywood style videos that we produce for our customers are designed to showcase either their reputation or their expertise so the business can get more customers by attracting pre-sold prospects.

Approximately 60% of your potential customers are currently using their mobile devices to search for businesses like yours and a large percentage of these people are using either Google or YouTube to do their searches.

Since the majority of your customers are slowly but surely getting the majority of their information through videos and YouTube is the second most used search engine, can you afford not to build a presence on YouTube for your business?

(It’s estimated that 80% of ALL online content will be consumed by video by 2020.)

Video marketing can be highly rewarding when done correctly.

Watch this video review commercial to see a sample of what some of your competitors are using.

This type of video is high converting because it’s a high quality video, it provides social proof from one of your customers and it has a clear call to action.